Account Manager

We are on the lookout for someone who’s obsessed with digital audiences, passionate about crafting creative digital experiences involving brands and creators/talents/influencers in the entertainment and social media space. The Branded Content Manager manages several projects simultaneously with challenging deadlines. He combines creative thinking with factual analysis to develop data backed appropriate strategies ensuring that campaigns reach their target audiences as effectively as possible.

Responsible for full execution completion of the activation in place
Understand all digital platforms nature, purpose and objectives and stay up to date with all their updates; this includes the strategic use of media buying and other audience building tools
Build and acquire full understanding of our clients’ business, communications and media objectives
Identify target audiences, analyze their data sets, the psychology that drives their behavior, how digital influencers shape their perception and media habits to match the brands’ strategies ensuring optimal engagement
Create and conceptualize brand campaigns strategies - based on brand’s briefs or direction cascaded from the Sales team - including content publishing plans while ensuring the messaging plan incorporates social media best practices and brands’ goals
Develop ongoing pitches’ decks involving brands and our network of talents and deliver to sales team as per the provided deadlines
Integrate brands in existing social media content strategy [with visibility on talent’s content programming and insights]
Support on setting syndication strategies for branded content activations
Work closely with media buying unit on campaigns executions to maximize the impact of brands advertising campaigns through the use of a range of paid media tools
Decide on best form of media [or mix] for specific clients and campaign