DevOps Engineer - IT/SysAdmin

A black-hat person with a tendency for organization and diving into automation as their panacea.
Interns and fresh-grads are welcome! We'll teach you all of the below.

• This vacancy is open for remote employment - no re-location required.


- Linux: kernel, filesystem, users, dependencies, package management and configuration
- CentOS/Red Hat or similar distros
- Monitoring
- Network Security: private/public networks, routing
- Logging
- Continuous Integration
- Scripting: Any of Bash, Python, Ruby, Go or any other scripting language
- Infrastructure design for high-scale distributed services
- Clustering web applications and databases
- Load balancing (HAProxy is a plus!)

Additional Skills

- Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- Docker
- Deployment orchestration using any of Ansible, Puppet, Chef or similar tools